Solar Design

The Panatec solar design strategy is comprised of a number of significant Components to ensure a that your solar system for home or office is designed to specification to meet your energy-saving needs and support the environment. At Panatec Corporation, we stand behind superior solar design products and a solar energy strategy for success.

We Only Use American Made Solar Panels from PanasonicĀ®

Solar Panels

  • Highest quality crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
  • Attractive system using superior brand materials
  • Assembled for both function and curb appeal

Ranking System

  • Solar panels are rated by the direct current (DC) power produced
  • Solar panels with power output ratings from 250-400 kWh
  • One 4kW solar power system equals 16 solar panels


  • Solar electrical inverters that efficiently convert variable DC from photovoltaic solar panels
  • Proven solar panels that convert to a utility frequency AC compatible with the electrical grid

Workman Ship

  • Superior workmanship for every detail
  • Conform to state and local government regulations
  • Proprietary installation techniques (running cables through walls)
  • Hire only experienced solar professionals to install high-quality, leak-free products made for performance and to withstand the elements

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