Mission and Vision


Capability takes precedence over contribution, as exemplified by Panatec Corporation.

Companies like Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic have proven that to win over customers, they don’t need capital but rather, capabilities to produce the best products possible. This is a very well-proven fact for economies like those of Japan, Germany, Korea, and many other countries. They have thrived in the world market and made their impact well-founded.

Considering the current economic crisis, as well as the limited ability to invest in alternative energy and future products from the people, corporations’, and the government, Panatec Corporation follows this agenda:

  • Install alternative energy systems at the lowest possible cost.
  • Use only components which are 100% made in the USA.
  • Create a maximum number of jobs in the USA.
  • Deliver premium quality components and systems with a sense of integrity, dedication, and honesty.

With this agenda, we demonstrate our commitment to the government and veterans by standing beside this agenda in a time of national financial crisis. We contribute as much as possible to resolve it, rather than remaining focused on our profit and greed.

We are very proud to provide such unique solutions and hope our services work to create a better tomorrow.