Our Dedication to Quality and the US Economy
Panatec Corporation designed & installed systems provides unsurpassed, robust performance and provides following benefits:
  • High efficiency, lowest maintenance system
  • Robust performance against adverse natural conditions such as hurricanes, earth quacks
  • Robust power generation performance without any type of interruptions in service
  • Power generation and injection monitoring techniques with database and reporting capabilities
  • Fastest build time due to advance construction techniques and efficient construction management

Panatec Corporation’s primary objective is to deliver high efficiency and lowest maintenance systems using local (US) manufactured products at affordable costs to customers, without compromising quality and performance.

Our Principles :
  • Gratitude
  • Cooperation and Team Spirit
  • Adaptability & Continuous improvement
  • Contribution to the society
  • Courtesy and Humility

Every part of the solar installation modules is of high quality and made in the United States. Panels, racking systems, inverters, and many other smart grid components make up the state-of-the-art modules founded only by Panatec. With five-star industrial experience, hard work ethic, and superior skills, installations are built to last for decades under any adverse weather condition.

We carefully monitor the installation process, address difficult tasks in advance, and bring the desired mounting quality in all installations. We do it all ourselves, rather than hiring subcontractors. We employ only NABCEP-Certified solar panel installers. Everything gets done under one roof by highly professional and experienced staff.

The Process of our Solar System Installation:
  • A site survey and feasibility study
  • Code-compliant (Federal, State, and Township authority approved) designs and structures
  • A highly efficient, code-compliant electrical design
  • A computerized control and monitoring system
Quality of Material and Workmanship:
  • Modules: Panasonic modules are the highest rated among all available module types in the USA by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). They deliver an exceptional, 24-percent efficiency rating. These modules are small-scale and economically affordable. This system requires fewer panels while providing the same amount of power.
  • Inverter: By using the top-most brands of inverters, system owners can monitor every single panel level production report throughout a lifetime. We’ve partnered with the following, highly-respected brands in the industry: SolarEdge, SMA, and Fronius.
  • Racking System: The racking systems we use are designed, certified, and rated as the best in all 50 states of the US by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). These racking systems are made of the most durable components on the market: aluminum and stainless steel. This will guarantee stability for decades to come.
  • Roofcare: The roof is the most valuable component of the solar PV system process. Our qualified roofers are meticulous in drilling while mounting the solar system, making error unimaginable. We seal the installed base with a 25-year-warranted sealant that is the highest rated in the roofing industry. Not only that, but we also protect your roofing shingles by wearing specifically branded, roof-friendly shoes, so there is no chance for damage.
  • Workmanship: Our solar PV systems are installed by highly applicable roofers. Our team ensures that each system will remain stable for years to come and that even in the worst weather conditions, our roofing will withstand against all odds.